About us

Famaytalento is the new social network for the meeting of talented and famous people with their fans or followers, on our platform you can find singers, dancers, influencers, instagramers, tiktokers, podcasters, youtubers, geniuses of different categories, etc... where they can receive tips, subscriptions or donations for their work and dedication. Explore and discover the hidden treasures at fameytalento.com

Famaytalento makes content creators (youtubers, instagramers, podcasters, tiktokers, inventors, singers, dancers, magicians, painters, artists, beauty models, photographers, writers, and anyone with talent who wants to make a living with it) available to content creators. that you like to do), tools to connect with your fans, followers or customers. You only need to be of legal age or, if necessary, authorization from your parents or legal guardians, and a paypal or bank account to receive payments from your fans. And start uploading content and attracting followers to your channel, don't worry we take care of getting more and more fans for you, you just have to be original and like in any other social network be loyal to your audience.

This exclusive and social platform is a model that benefits both parties:

1- To the Content Creators who preserve expressive and creative freedom while earning money for their work and not for advertising that generates little profit and leaves them a ridiculous amount. To the creators we say very strongly, (HERE IF YOU EARN REAL MONEY).

2- To the followers or fans who can directly support and be connected on the spot with their talented idols, becoming patrons and allocating or contributing money or offering them emotional support. Each one decides how best to help their artist.