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Famaytalento is the new and revolutionary social network for talented content creators of all kinds such as (instagramer, musicians, youtuber, tiktoker, podcaster, influencer, singers, dancers, etc.) to receive money directly from their followers or fans through tips, donations or subscriptions.

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Whether you are a fan or a creator, register for free without any hidden costs, publish or enjoy exclusive content, interact, sell your publications, buy from the creators store from a personalized book or music to the construction plans of a flying saucer . You put your imagination and talent!

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1.-Create a free account

Start a new adventure and upload spectacular videos, original music, beautiful photos, exclusive android applications, documents and varied books from plans to notes for the next exam. Every artist or creator has their audience and unlike other platforms here there is freedom to express your work.

Gana Dinero Por Tus Publicaciones
2.- Create or upload original content

If you are different or you have skills and talent or you enjoy making people happy, here you have a job for the future and without leaving home, earn money not because of the ridiculous advertising income or retransmissions with 1 million followers, here you can earn money with income recurring, this means that they can give you tips or sell your content as if it were a real job.

Ganar Dinero Desde Casa Ofreciendo Cursos
3.- Enjoy and grow your market

We have the premium tools just for you, you decide if you want to make it free for your followers and they decide whether to tip you, or to put a price on your most exclusive and interesting publications, if you have publications on other platforms such as YouTube, TikTok, facebook, instagram, etc... you can easily link those posts here with our "Link" button, and get paid for it. Do you know that you have a store to post digital products such as videos or personalizations to sell? register now!


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1- If you are a fan or a follower or a person who wants to have a good time, simply register with our social logins or an email and a password. 2- If you are a Content Creator of any category, you must also fill in all your data so that your audience knows more about you, including if you want to charge or do it for free for all or some of your publications, you have a simple control panel and easy with statistics, charges, payments, payment methods, etc... 3- You have a chat system so you can talk freely, you can even block people you dont like. 4- Read our terms and conditions, but in short "do here what you do in real life", do not be violent, do not expose prohibited content or content that belongs to another person, do not upload sex or pornography publications... This is a platform for all audiences and good vibes. 5- Our payment gateways such as PAYPAL or STRIPE, are among the safest in the world and we do not intervene in your bank details, we are only mere intermediaries, feel safe for it... But what am I going to explain to you at this point... Who does not use PAYPAL, for example?

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Respuesta: Famaytalento.com es una red social que conecta y apoya a personas creativas.

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